Affiliate Program

Refer customers to Andiot Watches

Unprecedented high commission in the industry

Make 2% commission on any models purchased through your links shared from Andiot Watches

Benefit all the way through the Pyramid where your downstream customers can share your links with others, they get points and you get points if a purchase is completed 

1 Point equates to 1 GBP. If purchases are made in a different currency then the amount of points attributed to you will be based on the corresponding GBP value of any sale based on current exchange rates.

A minimum value of 30GBP or equivalent currency in euro or usd can be cashed out and only by bank transfer within 1 working day. Points can either be used towards purchases 9 or cashed out

Who can use our affiliate program?

You as a customer, referring your friends and family



Social media 


How to Start?

• Sign up for our affiliate program here


• To activate the affiliate program of our website, you need to click into My Account 


• And Register for an affiliate account 


• You are required to fill in the information we need to quickly send you money from your earnings by sharing our website anywhere you want to. (Currencies available through bank transfer only in GBP, EURO, USD. As long as you meet our minimum requirement for cash out, We will sort your payment out within 1 working day after you apply.

• Click the Continue button to the next step.


• You will see the green letter to say your affiliate account has been registered.


• Click into the Custom Affiliate tracking code.