Return Policy

The refund process will take up to 7 business days from your refund request, as determined by our payment processor’s regulations.

1.    We will determine the most appropriate approach as our refund method depending on the exact financial conditions at that time.  You will be required to provide your account information to receive any refund.

2.    There is a possibility that we will refund you from different sources depending on the exact financial conditions at that time. This is the best solution to enable efficient refunds..

3.    We will make partial refunds where appropriate, only after discussion with the customer.

Refund will be applicable for the reasons below:

1.    If a replacement for the returned watch(es) is not available from the factory stock or from our own stock.

2.    If you changed your mind to buy from us BEFORE the watch is  shipped or while your unused watch returned back to us. (Note: Unused watches must still be wrapped with the factory protective plastic on SAPPHIRE, BACK, CASE, AND STRAP AND IT HAS TO BE ARRIVED TO US BEFORE WE DO REFUND YOU)

3.    Your ordered product is no longer available or out of stock, and you don't want to choose any other products.

If your package is seized by customs when using our suggested shipping method, we can either refund you or send you a new package as we will discuss with you first. Please note that the shipping cost is not refundable.