General Q&A


Q : Yes I know some dealers or websites selling the same grades. But your prices are slightly cheaper. Why is that?

A : Most of our watches on website are cheaper than others. As I explained before, we are the firsthand dealer directly sourcing watches from those famous factories. Our profit margin is lower but the quantity is higher, that also give a good enough margin because of the high volume.


Q : It's very nice I can add you by WhatsApp or Wechat and also the livechat, but sometimes I got no response. And sometimes late reply on email I sent.

A : Please kindly remember, we are in China will definetlly have time differences always. Please refer to our time zone before you judge this. Our working hour is based on Chinese time zone. Sometimes we have overload emails or chats to respond as well, please be kindly patient. But one thing for sure: YOU WILL GET REPLY FOR SURE EVERY DAY BASED.


Q : Are you a scammer ?

A : For that answer if I do answer you I am not, will you believe or not? The best way to answer the question is to search and review our business name in replica forum, community, Reddit. There will be thousands of reviews and cases to answer this question for you.


For other questions that are not included here, please contact us directly, thanks.