Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty and Return Policy

1. We offer a 6 months warranty on all watches in movement failure. You will need to provide us with detailed issues with both pictures and videos, you will also be the one to pay for the shipping to us and the shipping back to you once its fixed. 

2. Return policy will not be applicable if you have worn the watch already or your have taken off the plastic foam on the watch, please keep the status of the watch exactly same as you received with all the plastic coverages on the watch in terms of case, back, and strap. (Once its worn or plastics removed, we will charge restocking fee according to the condition of the watch after we received.

3. You will only have a chance to return maximum 72 hours after your order arrived, it has to be intact like what show in the quality control process before it is shipped.

4. Return the watch to the address that we gave to you, and you should provide us the tracking number. We will prepare you replacement and once your watch arrived to us, we send out your replacement immediately.


Warranty Q&A

Q : I received my watch and the movement is not working. Why?

A : Check your video that we sent while Quality Control process. We never deliver dead watches, you can notice from the serial number on some models as well the pictures or videos from QC will be the exactly same as what you get. There are some possibilities:

1. You will sometimes to have a big shaking on your watch and do manual winding to fill the power in. 

2. Since we both agree to declare small value to avoid customs issue and fees, there will not be treated as high value packages sometimes. So, it possibly caused by bounces or shakes while shipping process.

Q : So what is the solution for dead watch on arrival?

You can return the watch to us by discussing with us, and we will repair it or replace it if its brand new. Please note that it will take time. Just be patient to wait until all solved and we can deliver it back. Return shipping cost will be on your side. There are some requirements on shipping matters:

1. Use EMS, or regular postal office (registered mail) of your area. DO NOT use some major logistics companies like Fedex or DHL.

2. Declare as: broken watch (timer) to repair less than $10 value

3. e will give you return address if you want to choose this option

Q : Are you going to repair it or replace with a new one? Can you replace with other models?

A : It depends on how big the problem is. Please understand the following return handling:

1. We do will do some inspections on your watch first.

2. We will repair it by our own technician if it is not a major issue of your watch.

3. We will return to the factory with some problem proofs and let them decide to do if it is major problem.

4. Factory will return it to our store and we will do final checking after it is fully repaired.

5. We prepare to re-delivery to your address again.

6. Sorry, YOU CAN NOT REPLACE YOUR WATCH WITH OTHER MODELS as we have non-return policy with factories for used watches.

7. Worst case scenario, you will get movement replacement, or same unit replacement. It depends on the condition of your returned watch physically.

All this process will take time. Please be kindly patient to wait, we will do the job, only need some time.